Memory Pi

A digits of π game



There are an infinite number of digits of pi.
Type as many digits of π as possible to increase your score.
You have 3 seconds to type each digit.
Have fun!

Memory Pi Game
Best score: 0 digits
Best time: 0:00'000
Score: 0 digits
Time: 0:00'000


Press Enter to restart the game.
Enjoy the practice mode to learn the digits of π (the best score is not updated in this mode).
The game is playable on mobile!


Memory Pi was created by André Harnist.


I wanted to create a simple game that is both math-oriented and entertaining.
The symbol π represents a fascinating number and yet its definition is very simple: as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.
You can train your memory by learning its unpredictable digits!


A suggestion for improvement, a bug to report?
Do not hesitate to contact me:
Thanks to all the players who expressed interest in this game, and for coming up with some great ideas to improve it!

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Thank you for playing!